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The United Armenian School has been a second home for a lot of people. It has employed hundreds, it has educated thousands, but most of all it has taught us the values of unity and national pride.

For years we have talked and reminisced with friends about the good old days at the United Armenian School and wondered as to what happened to the scores of young Armenian boys and girls who had the privilege of attending and graduating from that school. It would be equally interesting to meet them all at a reunion to share memories of years gone by.

The seeds of the United Armenian School Reunion were planted by Matyos Matyosian and Norier Hovasapian, two former students who met in the summer of 1994 to discuss the ways and means of starting a reunion. Although unable to form a committee right away, we continued to talk to former students and faculty members to built consensus and set the framework for a reunion committee. At this point we started entertaining the idea of a world wide web site which would be the best tool for communications with the alumni all over the world.

On Jan. 19th 2004, we proudly launched the official United Armenian School’s Reunion website under the name: baghdadarmenianschool.com

We encourage all members of the United Armenian School family to visit this web site and email us at reunion@baghdadarmenianschool.com your name, address & phone number to be included in our mailing list.

It is our sincerest hope that with the creation of this web site, more and more of the united Armenian School former students and faculty members will step forward to join us and lend us a hand.

Our vision is to bring former students and faculty members together, get to know each others families, communicate business opportunities with each other, and finally our goal is to help in any way possible our great school.

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